Acceptance tests BSP Bulgarian-Turkish border

On 29.01.2013 Contragent 35 successfully completed the tests of remote control and signalization of the disconnectors from Basic Sectional Post (BSP) Bulgarian-Turkish border and tests of the connection to SCADA system in the presence of the committee of representatives from the companies: FIDIC Engineer (consortium TYPSA/ SYSTRA/ LOUIS BERGER/ TRADEMCO/ RUBICON ENGINEERING), Thales - Austria, Alcatel Lucent - France/Romania, SUDOP Praha and OHL ZS - Czech  Republic, Prolan - Hungary and the main entruster - the National Railway Infrastructure Company - Bulgaria. The control was performed by Prolan from their office in Hungary through internet connection with the computer of Contragent 35 in Bulgaria, connected via IEC 104 protocol to Siemens controller in the control switchboard.

The members of the committee expressed their satisfaction with the excellent work of Contragent 35. The company continues the good work on the design and implementation of the control switchboards for disconnectors and BSPs for the next sectors of the railway Plovdiv - Svilengrad.


BSP Bulgarian-Turkish Border


The committee


The testing team


Testing SCADA system