Contragent 35 Ltd is a Bulgarian company, specialized in production and trade with electrical materials and equipment for the power and industry sector. The company was found in 1990 and it has grown up from a small sole-proprietorship to a trading and manufacturing company leading the Bulgarian market. The company has built new warehouses and premises, has at its disposal well trained staff, modern communication and own transport. The company keeps developing in order to satisfy all growing up customers’ needs.


Our History

2012 – Certification acoording ISO 14001:2005 and BS OHSAS 18001:2007 by TÜV Rheinland.

2009 – New larger trade center and store in Varna. 

2007 – Start the constuction of a new office building in Sofia.

2005 – New trade center and store in Varna.

2004 – Buying new facilities in Plovdiv and establishing new office, trade center, production area and electrical store in Plovdiv. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified by TÜV Rheinland: BDS EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate 

2003 – Extension of the trade representation in Sofia – a new office and a show-room. Extension of the trade office in Varna

2002 – Buying a new workshop and warehouse premises with 10 000 m2 open area and 5 000 m2 build-up area

2001 – Double increase of the turnover in comparison with the previous year. Contragent 35 became Distributor of ABB Energiekabel, Benning - Germany, Weber AG - Switzerland, Ergom - Poland, KP Siemens Partner and other world wide companies

1999 – Signing a Distribution Contract with ABB corporation (Assea Brown Boveri)

1998 – Opening a trade center in Varna. Establishment of a new manufacturing line for work garments, safety clothing and equipment

1996-1997 – Building new store, utility building and trade center in Stara Zagora. Implementation of an ERP – computer information system

1995 – Opening a trade center in Sofia
Signing a Distribution contract for BISHOP products, produced by Plymouth Rubber Company Inc USA. Signing contracts for distributing with companies from East and West Europe and from Russia

1994 – Renting warehouse facilities and opening a new trade canter in Stara Zagora. Establishment of a joint Bulgarian – German company named CONTRAGENT. Opening a representative office in Berlin, Germany.

1992 – Orientation to trade with electrical materials and equipment. Creation of distribution network all over Bulgaria

1990 – Establishment. Main activities – repairing, adjustment and comissioning of electrical power projects

We bring benefits and value to our customers, working with them together to solve their business problems.



Our key business directions are:

  • Delivery of electrical materials and equipment for all industries related to power generation, power transmission, electrical distribution and control.
  • Complete equipment delivery for electrical substations, transformer substations and overhead electrical power transmission lines.
  • Production of electrical and safety equipment:
    • Medium voltage indoor and outdoor disconnectors
    • Grounding and short circuit devices
    • Voltage indicators for medium and high voltage, insulation and earting rods
    • Switch boards – for electricity metering, distribution switchgears
    • Grounding poles, grounding bus-bars
  •  Engineering and consultancy
long-established, family-run company, Wiha Werkzeuge, entered a highly regarded benchmarking competition for the Manufacturing Excellence Award (MX Award) and competed against successful businesses throughout Germany. Wiha has now been announced the winne
Contragent 35 Ltd in cooperation with our partner Omicron Electronics GmbH Austria/Germany successfully completed a project for online partial discharge (PD) monitoring for the generators of TPP AES - 3C Maritza East 1.
Contragent 35 successfully completed the tests of remote control and signalization of the disconnectors from Basic Sectional Post (BSP) Bulgarian-Turkish border and tests of the connection to SCADA system
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