Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheets
Phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheets The phenolic cotton cloth laminated sheets are manufactured by hot pressing of two or more layers of cotton cloth, impregnated with synthetic thermo-reactive resins from phenol- and cresol-phormaldehide types, mix from these reins and their modifications. Available in sheets or sticks.


Manufacturing of gears, rollers, rolls, sliders, inserts, wheels, axes, bearings, insulators, etc.

Product code Name Producer
030_025_025_1000 Textolite tube D=30mm, d=25mm, b=2.5mm, L=1000
038_032_3_1000 Textolite tube D=38mm, d=32mm, b=3mm, L=1000
065_055_5_1800 Textolite tube D=65mm, d=55mm, b=5mm, L=1800, G=2.1kg
080_070_5_2000 Textolite tube D=80mm, d=70mm, b=5mm, L=2000, G=3.2kg
501_049_5_1075 Textolite cylinder D=501mm, d=49mm, b=5mm, H= 1075, G=11.480kg
870_864_8_0251 Textolite cylinder D=870mm, d=864mm, b=8mm, L=251, G=6.1kg
TEKS_L_01 Textolite sheets 1 mm
TEKS_L_02 Textolite sheets 2 mm
TEKS_L_03 Textolite sheets 3 mm
TEKS_L_04 Textolite sheets 4 mm
TEKS_L_05 Textolite sheets 5 mm
TEKS_L_06 Textolite sheets 6 mm
TEKS_L_08 Textolite sheets 8 mm
TEKS_L_10 Textolite sheets 10 mm
TEKS_L_12 Textolite sheets 12 mm
TEKS_L_15 Textolite sheets 15 mm
TEKS_P_100 Textolite sticks Ф 100 mm
TEKS_P_20 Textolite sticks Ф 20 mm
TEKS_P_30 Textolite sticks Ф 30 mm
TEKS_P_40 Textolite sticks Ф 40 mm
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